About / TVC History

The Tennessee Valley Chapter (TVC) was organized in 1976 in Huntsville Alabama by professionals assigned to the former Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal.  At its height prior to the Aviation and Troop Command (ATCOM) moving to Redstone Arsenal in 1995, the chapter had approximately 103 loyal members.  The first chapter president was John Finafrock, Gar Crask and the last President before the infusion of the majority of the Saint Louis Lindberg chapter was Mike Boyd.

Since the merging of ATCOM and MICOM in 1996, the TVC has become an even more vibrant and active chapter in the Redstone Arsenal, AL community.  The established chapter eagerly welcomed the many members relocating from the St. Louis area.  Today, the TVC board is now a mix of original TVC members and those that relocated from the Lindberg Chapter.

The chapter has greatly increased membership and chapter activities.  Membership has steadily grown to a high of +2000 members.  As winner of the Master Chapter Membership Enrollment Award for 2002, the Chapter has continue to set the bar for membership sustainment, retention, and recruiting.  Today, TVC continues to see tremendous growth and is now the largest chapter in the Association.

The TVC Chapter Scholarship program is the most active of any Association chapter. From its inception, the Chapter made enhancement of the scholarship program one of its key goals. In 1999, the Board completed the planning, coordination, and funding necessary to put in place five new scholarships for a total of six awards to be available beginning in the year 2000. By 2003, continuing to grow both quantitatively and qualitatively, the TVC scholarship effort reached record setting performance as four more scholarships/interest free loans were awarded to individuals with ties to the Tennessee Valley Chapter. In 2015, recipients associated with the TVC received $80,000 in scholarships, a remarkable 18% of the AAAA Scholarship Foundation total of $451,500. 

The Aviation Product Symposium or APS is an annual landmark event for Aviation Logisitics, providing a professional forum for Government and Industry to explore improvements in the reliability and supportability of Aviation systems and technologies.   A carry over from the Lindbergh Chapter, this event continues to highlight the importance that has always been placed on aviation product supportibility.  In January 1999, the TVC President BG(P) Bergantz welcomed the man whose name is synonymous with Aviation Logistics and whom the event is now named in honor of, Mr. Joseph P. Cribbins himself, and about 300 attendees to the APS reception.  Of particular significance that year was a commemorative dinner conducted during the symposium honoring Mr. Joseph P. Cribbins' 25th anniversary.  The dinner was attended by many dignitaries and was an overwhelming success.  Today, the APS continues to be one of the most professionallyrewarding events the TVC hosts each year.

The TVC encourages and promotes exemplary performance of Army Soldiers, community leaders, and AAAA members.  Throughout its history, the Chapter has recognized the Redstone Arsenal and AMCOM Soldier of the Quarter, Soldier of the Year and Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year with an annual paid AAAA membership and a monetary gift to each soldier.  The TVC also contributes each year to the Soldier/NCO of the Year luncheon at the Redstone Officers and Civilian Club.  Additionally, numerous deserving individuals have been recognized with the Order of St. Michael award. 

Socially, the annual Spring and Fall Bass fishing contest established and operated by TVC anglers is a highlight for the large number of outdoorsmen membership.  Monthly socials are hosted by the very active and supportive local aerospace industry support.

The TVC Chapter was named AAAA Chapter of the Year in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2011.  Today, the Tennessee Valley Chapter of AAAA continues to challenge its executive board and members as well as all AAAA Chapters to reach new levels of service and support for its membership, the local community, AAAA, and Army Aviation. Throughout its history, the Chapter's numerous accomplishments, professional and social programs, and overall continuing proactive spirit have made it a cornerstone association for the Redstone Arsenal and Huntsville communities.  The TVC's generosity, focus, determination and unbounded energy are equaled by few other AAAA Chapters.  From scholarship contributions to membership growth and sustainment, the Tennessee Valley Chapter is unquestionably the best and finest Chapter in all AAAA.