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The "Army Aviation Hall of Fame" is located in the Army Aviation museum at Ft Rucker, AL and is an integral part of the Museum.  The "Hall" is presently composed of a mix of individual portraits of some of the early inductees that were painted by three artists, and full color photographs of the remaining Inductees.  in 1991, the AAAA's National Executive board approved the Museum Curator's request to provide only full color photos of the 1992 and subsequent year Inductees.

The first Hall of Fame induction in 1974 was held in front of the old Museum and was followed by an evening banquet at which the Inductees were the guests of honor.  The Recreation Center at Ft. Rucker was the site of the 1975, 1976 and 1977 Inductions.  in 1980 and 1983, the installation ceremonies were held at the Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon held at the AAAA Annual Conventions in Atlanta, GA.  The 1986 Induction Ceremonies were held at Ft Rucker, AL.  Since 1989, the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies have been held in conjunction with the AAAA Annual Conventions.  In addition, three aviation soldiers who received the Congressional Medal of Honor were inducted at special ceremonies in the spring of 1990 during the dedication of the current Army Aviation Museum.

  -  A ten-member Board of Trustees, composed of members of the Hall of Fame, is responsible for selecting a specific number of candidates from the nominations received, for placement on the Army Aviation hall of Fame Ballot.
  -  The selected candidates, their qualifications and their photos will be published on a ballot which will be mailed to all AAAA members in good standing.
  -  These members will be asked to elect a specified number of Inductees from the candidates appearing in the ballot.
  -  Balloting is conducted annually.


All persons are eligible for induction, except active duty Generals and Colonels.  Membership in AAAA is not a requirement for individuals nominated for the Army Aviation Hall of Fame.  Any individual, military or civilian, may submit nominations for consideration.

Award submissions should be based on one or more of the following criteria:

    - Outstanding contribution to Army Aviation over and extended period.
     - A doctrinal or technical contribution.
     - An innovation with an identifiable impact on Army Aviation.
     - Efforts that were an inspiration to others.     


Submissions must include the following for consideration.

1. download the Hall of Fame Award Form

You will need adobe Acrobat to view this file.

2.  Fill out the Hall of Fame form which inclues a 100-word summary of the individual's accomplishments.
3.  Include additional information, up to three pages or 1,500 works (whichever is greater) amplifying the accomplishment of the nominee.
4.  Include a recent photograph of the nominee, any siz, perferably in color.
5. Send completed package to:
Attn: Chaiman, Hall of Fame Board of Trustees
593 Main Street
Monroe, CT 06468

The receipt of each nomination will be acknowledged by the AAAA.  Please note that nomination materials, including photgraphs cannot be returned.


The nominees selected through the balloting process will be inducted into the Army Aviation Hall of Fame during the Hall of Fame Induction Dinner held at the AAAA Annual Convention in April.

Potraits of the inductees and the descriptive narratives will be displayed in the U.S. Army Aviation Museum in Ft. Rucker, Alabama.
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