Welcome to the Tennessee Valley Chapter of AAAA.  Our chapter is committed to providing outstanding support to our soldiers and the community through active participation by all of its members.  We encourage you to share your comments with us on how we can improve the chapter.  Please direct your comments to the appropriate board member for review and action.  Our chapter will strive to respond within a 48-hour period to inform you of what action is being taken based on your input.

Thank you for your support!

Janice Sanders
VP, Publicity

Interested in running for a board position?  Positions come up for election every other year.  If you would like to run for a position the next election, please contact the VP of Operations at the link below for more information
Tennessee Valley Chapter Executive Board

Mr. Gary S. Nenninger 

​Senior Vice President
COL Tal Sheppard

Mrs. Tonya Galindo

Jerry Davis COL (R)

VP, Cribbins APS               
Matt Hannah COL (R)

VP, Programs                    
Greg Oelberg LTC (R)

VP, Operations                  
Ray Woolery COL (R)

VP, Memberships              
Chris MacFarland LTC (R)

VP, Scholarships
Tom Huff LTC (R)

VP, Awards                       
Steven L. Sanders CW4 (R)

VP Industry Affairs            
Ted Sendak COL (R)

VP, Military Affairs            
Bradley Bruce LTC (R)

VP, Ret/Civ Affairs            
Robert Vlasics LTC (R)

VP , Enlisted Affairs          
Leon Hite CSM (R)

VP, Veterans Affairs             
Tod Glidewell CSM (R)

VP, Government Affairs         
Mr. Ray Sellers  

VP, Publicity                              
Mrs. Janice "Flaca" Sanders

VP, National Guard/Res Affairs    
David Gereski COL (R)

Miss Kathryn Huff

Member at Large                       
Steve Bolton LTC (R)
COL Jack Bryant 
Albert Carreon Jr. MAJ (R)
Mike Cavalier COL (R) 
Chad Cuomo CSM (R)
Jason Galindo LTC (R) 
Ms. Chris Henderson
Mrs. Shannon Kirkpatrick
Joe Jellison COL (R)
William Lake COL (R)
Michael F. McClellan LTC (R)
Mrs. Bonnie Nenninger
Norb Patla COL (R)
Curtis Potts COL (R) 
Louis Scipioni LTC (R) 
Michael Thome COL (R)
Gary Toney COL (R)
Ron Volkin COL (R)​